Sykur 26 Oct 2018
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The Big Secrets Ellen DeGeneres Tried To Hide

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Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is more than a rad suit, sweet pair of kicks, and perfectly delivered punchline. This woman is a trailblazer who wagered her entire career on being true to herself. DeGeneres' personal life blew up publicly in 1997 when she made the decision for both actress and character to come of the closet on her popular ABC sitcom Ellen. The show ended up getting cancelled. At great personal expense, DeGeneres broke barriers, and though she's bounced back funnier and more popular than ever, it wasn't always a sure thing. Here's a look at some secrets Ellen was forced to keep about her private life...

Her 'phone call to God' | 0:35
She had a beard | 1:45
The Anne Heche 'soap opera' | 2:20
When Ellen met Portia | 2:56
When she came out, she got kicked out | 3:45

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